Welcome on blog of WINE Explorers

This is the ambition of WINE Explorers, a unique project to take an inventory of all the wine producing countries of the world. An unprecendented adventure to highlight the richness of the world’s vineyards, to reveal unknown and very original great growths, hidden treasures from far away winegrowing regions. A titanic project: 3 years of travels, 92 countries explored, 250 winegrowing regions targeted, 1 500 vineyards surveyed, over 15 000 wines tasted. Join the WINE Explorers’ adventure and come with us to meet the players of the wine world from the four corners of the earth. We already visited Tanzania, Mauritius, La Reunion, Madagascar, Zimbabwe, NAMIBIA - Michael Weder - Namibian Winemaker and Spirits Distiller, Namibian Desert Winery and South Africa.