Fine Spirits


Kristall Kellerei is renowned for its fine spirits. Some of our products received international recognition. We are particularly proud of our brandy, which was awarded a silver medal during the 2012 Destillata competition held in Austria. This is an extremely rare brandy as brandy-making is temporary suspended until the cellar (still only in the conception state) has been completed. The brandy will be sold in 375ml bottles, and only 450 bottles will be made available to the general public. 

Our NAPPA is made from the pomace left-over after pressing the grapes. It is not dissimilar to grappa, but, in our estimation, somewhat softer. It is golden with a lovely oaky taste.

MATISA is a greeting in a local regional language and means as much as How are you? Our prickly-pear spirit is called Matisa and, yes, you have guessed it, because after a taste of Matisa the sun starts shining!

LUMELA Besides making spirits from non-indigenous fruit, such as prickly-pears, grapes and citrus, we are pioneering the utilization of indigenous fruit, such as the corkey monkey orange, thereby enhancing the livelihoods of many rural communities.