Sunbird Late Harvest (Colombard) 17%vol

Sunbird Late Harvest 2018

The family name of the sunbird says it all: NECTARINIDAE. And just like the gathering of the sunbirds around nectar-giving flowers, so freinds toast to LIFE with this Late Harvest (Colombard White). 

Each drop reflects the joyous sunlight of the Naute Valley. 

How to serve: cold, with cheese and meat platter. 

Rüppels Parrot (Colombard) 15%vol


Colombar grapes grown in Omaruru, Erongo District, an ideal French variety for a desert country

The wines are dry, somewhat dusty, with a touch of smoke: in a nutshell – Namibian.

Colombard: We have about 2,8ha under production.

The Kristall Kellerei Colombard enjoys a good reputation: it is fresh and fruity, to be enjoyed during lunch!

How to serve: With cheese and meat platter. .

Paradise Flycatcher (Tinta Barocca) 15%vol

Paradise Flycatcher Red
African Paradise Flycatcher

Besides the popular and successful Colombard variety, we are distelling a Cuvé red wine. This blend is called the “Paradise Flycatcher”, a bird that breeds in our garden and nests in our hearts. The difficult ripening process produces a dry, dusty and very special bouquet that reflects the climate and conditions.